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UK Government Agencies
UK Statutory Documents

UK Organisations
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ICRP Home page [=]

ICNIRP (Int Comm on Non-Ionising Rad Prot) [=]

WHO's Electro-Magnetic Fields (info on non-ionising electomagnetic radiation) [=]

IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) [=]

UNSCEAR (Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation) [=]

UNSCEAR - The Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant accident [=]

IRPA (International Radiation Protection Association) [=]

NEA (Nuclear Energy Agency) [=]


NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) [=]

NCRP (National Council on Rad Prot & Measmnts, USA) [=]

FDA (Food and Drug Administration: Radiation-Emitting Products) [=]

CDRH Organ Dose Handbooks [=]

CRCPD (Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors) [=]

BEIR VI - Health Effects of Exposure to Radon [=]

BEIR VII Phase 2 (2006) - "Health Risks from Exposure ..." [=]

UK Government Agencies

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) Home Page [=]

HSE - radiation protection [=]

HSE - non-ionising electromagnetic radiation [=]

HSE - publications [=]

HSE's Acronyms & Abbreviations [=]

Environment Agency [=]

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) [=]

UK Statutory Documents

IRR17 (Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017) [=]

Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposures) Regulations 2017 [=]

IRR17 Approved Code of Practice [=]

Radioactive Substances Regulation Guidance [=]

Radioactive Material (Road Transport) Act 1991 [=]

Radioactive Material (Road Transport) Regs 2002 [=]

Radioactive Material (Road Transport) (GB) Regs 1996) [=]

Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (Driver Training) Regs 1996 ) [=]

Legislation, - Search for Statutory Instruments [=]

UK Organisations

Assoc of Univ Radiation Prot Officers (AURPO) [=]

Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) [=]

SRP Bibliography - useful summaries of UK legislation, regs etc [=]

UK National Radon Forum [=]

Other Countries (for full list - see Nick's World)

Australian Radiation Prot and Nuc Safety Agency (ARPANSA) [=]

Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland - Radiation [=]

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission [=]


Nick's World list of radiation sites (very comprehensive) [=]

"How Stuff Works" - Nuclear Radiation [=]

Table of Nuclides etc [=]

Wikipaedia - Table of Nuclides [=]

Radon in Buildings - informational slide shows [=]

Radwaste - listing of government & regulatory agencies [=]

Calculate your dose when flying (FAA Med Inst) [=]

World Nuclear Association [=]

Active Collection Bureau - UK radwaste disposal service [=]

Perspective (Mini-Instruments - economical radiation detectors) [=]


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